For salespeople feeling stressed out, burned out, and bummed out.

This course contains instructional resources which will guide you through A Mind for Sales. If you haven't purchased your copy of the book, you should do that first right here. In this course you'll receive instruction and direction via video and PDF from the books author, Mark Hunter.

Daily Habits and Practical Strategies from Mark Hunter

  • Feel reenergized by renewed purpose and success in your sales role by following the success cycle approach outlined in the book.
  • Receive practical strategies on how to change your mindset and succeed in sales.
  • Learn the daily habits needed to maximize productivity and make hitting the ground running strategy number one.
  • Gain real-world insights from Hunter’s vast experience as a highly successful sales professional and sales coach.

Sales is about solving pain and creating gain for your customer.

In A Mind for Sales, you’ll discover what top performers do to prepare for the week and how they handle issues thrown in their way. Everything is backed up with examples of how real people make it happen. Join this sales course now to receive additional instruction straight from the author.

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A Study Course for the Book