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Email Prospecting Preview

Stop wasting your time with prospects who don’t open your emails, or worse–writing emails your prospects will never read!

It's time you hit the books before you hit send on another bad email.

We study everything from:

  • Email strategies
  • Who to email
  • How to find someone’s email
  • When to email 
  • How to craft the beginning, middle, and end

Plus, I include several email examples to read through and analyze.

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Praise for Email Prospecting

"The email marketing suggestions are great. My team put some into practice and we saw an increased response from prospects that previously were not responding... I plan to register for more of your courses!"

– Susan, TSHU member

What You'll Learn

Never get sent to junk mail again.

Emails sent to junk? Rotating through the same ‘catchy’ subject line to get your prospects to open, and maybe even… reply?

I know you’re wondering why your emails haven’t been as successful as you had hoped. It’s time to study what works, and what simply does not.

Section 1: Ground Rules for Prospecting with Email

Section 2: Email Strategies

Section 3: Who to Email and Locating Email Addresses

Section 4: When to Email 

Section 5: What to Send and Legal Guidelines

Section 6: Email Phrases and Words to Use

Section 7: Crafting the Email

Section 8: Monitoring Results

Section 9: Email Prospecting Checklist

Section 10: Email Examples

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