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14 in-depth coaching videos with Mark Hunter

33-page Phone Prospecting Workbook (including phone and voicemail scripts)

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It's about time you built trust your phone prospecting skills. The Sales Hunter will take you step-by-step so you can build your phone strategy.

This course covers...

  • Finding the best time and frequency to call
  • Increasing customer engagement
  • How to get past a tough gatekeeper
  • Crafting your call to action
  • How to overcome objections and call reluctance

And if you're having trouble crafting your own dialogue... this class includes 6 pages of scripts for every sales situation.

Call with Confidence.

A successful cold call could be the difference between a lifelong customer and a failed prospect. For me, cold calling is an art. All sales leaders know this, and treating it as an art is the first step to land a sale.

This masterclass encompasses everything you need to fine tune your cold call skills once and for all.

Course Introduction

Section 1: Call Objectives

Section 2: Finding the Best Time to Call

Section 3: Engaging with the Prospect

Section 4: Creating the Next Step

Section 5: Integrating with Email and Social Media

Section 6: The Gatekeeper/Road Blocker

Section 7: Overcoming Call

Section 8: Overcoming Objections

Section 9: Voicemail

Section 10: Phone Best Practices

Section 11: Telephone Scripts

Section 12: Voicemail Scripts

Final Thoughts

"Mark always has fantastic content, I learn something new every time."

-A Sales Hunter University Student