Here's the thing: if you know you can help a prospect, it’s your responsibility to reach out. If you don’t, you’re doing both of you a disservice.

In fact, failing to make contact when you clearly know that you can create a solution to their problem is sales malpractice.


Your anti-ghosting guide

includes more than

just a "how to"...

• 6 in-depth following-up videos with Mark Hunter

• 22-page workbook

• Exclusive content revealed to top-performing execs at OutBound Conference

• Special access to an All Access Masterclass


I know you don't have all day to be twiddling your thumbs in sales training.
Tag along for 4 hours max of self-paced, following-up lessons.

✘ not vague encouragement

✘ not scripts that don't apply to the solutions you provide

✔ practical techniques that grab your prospects and keep them engaged

✔ the same training I give to companies and top execs worldwide

✔ details on how to stop ghosting before it even happens

"Am I on the lazy river?"

When you're floating along, the water drives your movement, right? You don't have to do anything.

Too many salespeople let customers do the same thing to them.

They let customers drive the movement, and they're just along for the ride.

Not you, though... this course will equip you with the skills you need to pack your follow-up with irresistible value.

Get the same approach I use in my own business, and with teams worldwide.

One of my biggest secrets? Simplicity sells.

Sometimes, the most simple parts of our sales training are the difference-makers in securing loyal customers.

I challenge you to return back to your roots with this course, with plenty "aha" and lightbulb moments to come.

I use these same follow-up techniques in my own business and sales teams around the world, and I'm confident it will work for you, too.

You owe it to your customers to follow up with them.

When you believe you can help someone, it is your responsibility to reach out to them!

Stop the silence before it even happens.

The 6 training videos below are designed to equip you with not just the tools to revive silent prospects, but also the prescription to avoiding radio silence in the first place.

Section 1: Six Key Factors of Following Up

Section 2: Staying in the Game

Section 3: Avoiding Radio Silence

Section 4: Creating Urgency

Section 5: Ten Best Practices for Following Up

Section 6: Next Steps

Your complete guide to
effective follow-ups.

It is my goal for you to confidently influence, impact, and implement upon the conclusion of this course.

More specifically? You will...

  • adopt a helping mindset that feels genuine to clients
  • learn how to gather more, valuable information from conversations
  • gain expertise on how to quickly build an influence with the client's company
  • professionally create urgency that leads to action
  • avoid radio silence through strategic leveraging

Confidently pick up the phone again.

We never know when the next phone call made will open the door to the biggest sale made.