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Prospecting Masterclass Preview

Are you looking for a prospecting process that you can believe in and execute? Invest in yourself, and reap the benefits of your improved prospecting skills. By the time you’ve completed this Masterclass, you will:

  • Know the mistakes most salespeople make and how to avoid them.
  • Maximize your time with high-potential prospects, instead of wasting time with bad ones.
  • Build a prospecting program that fits your unique needs.
  • Uncover techniques to make the initial contact work and keep prospects from going silent.
  • Revitalize your prospecting cadence to allow you to connect with more prospects.
  • Transform your mindset, and adjust your attitude toward prospecting.

Prospect like a Pro.

Build a plan, identify your ideal customers, and craft your message to ensure a response.

“If you believe you can help someone, then it is your responsibility to reach out to them. Failing to connect with them is doing them a disservice. Remember you’re helping them because you know you can!"

-Mark Hunter

Section 1: Building the Plan and Crafting the Cadence

Section 2: Building the Calendar

Section 3: Who to Prospect

Section 4: Developing the Message Points

Section 5: Engaging - The Goals of the Call

Section 6: How to Get a Prospect to Respond

Section 7: The Role of Social Media

Section 8: Staying Focused and Motivated

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