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7 in-depth coaching videos with Mark Hunter

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Your greatest obstacle is beatable.

Hot take – the greatest obstacle we face each day is:

✘ not our competitors,

✘ not our customers,

✘ not the economy;

✔ the greatest obstacle we face is ourselves.

What could be getting in your way from reaching the next level?

First, I invite you to detox from any of the following excuses:

✘ "Competitors are selling it cheaper!"

✘ "Customers are ghosting me left and right."

✘ "The economy's unpredictable!"

Get the approach I use for sales teams around the world.

Second, I challenge you to try this 5-part self-assessment of your Time, Mindset, Network, Accountability, and Sales Process in this month’s masterclass.

I use this approach when I meet with burned-out, bummed-out sales teams and I'm confident it will work for you, too.

"[Mark] is a teacher whom I always look up to... I'm inspired by... [his] knowledge shared in [his] book and videos; it's practical and true to nature."

– The Sales Hunter University student

Make a small investment in yourself.

Don't just get to #1... stay there.

The 7 training videos below are designed to motivate you not just for a productive month, but for sustainable success.

Section 1: The 5 Core Elements

Section 2: Optimizing Your Time

Section 3: Mindset of the 1%

Section 4: Growing Your Network

Section 5: The Role of Accountability

Section 6: A Successful Sales Process

Section 7: Next Steps

The complete guide to becoming #1 on your sales team.

This course focuses on 5 simple elements so you can make minor adjustments, but see major payoff. These tips will launch you from an average salesperson to one of the greats!

These aren’t just one-and-done tips. I’ll walk you through real lifestyle changes and new routines that will give you a fresh perspective on success, and how to attain it.

Make a change.

You're "good"... let's make you "great."

If you enroll in this class by April 28th, you'll be granted exclusive access to a webinar I'm doing.

You don't want to miss out, I'll be discussing inside secrets that couldn't fit in one course.

And, of course, there will be time for Q&A where we can discuss what you specifically can do to improve your performance.

So... you're unsure if it'll make a difference?

(That's the only reason people scroll this far.) You're not alone! Start with element #1 of becoming a top performer: time management.

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