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A plan that packs a punch.

This isn’t some boring talk about goal setting. This course is an all-encompassing evaluation of the previous year, and detailed game plan for the next one. PLUS, enroll now and get my Goal Setting Masterclass for free!

Section 1: Course Introduction

Section 2: Expectations

Section 3: Preparation

Section 4: Planning

Section 5: Personal Planning

Section 6: Moving Forward

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Leaders know goals without plans are worthless. 

You owe it to your goals--and to yourself--to give it your best effort. This course will make sure you’ve thought of everything, and are ready to meet your high expectations. 

In the Annual Planning course we’ll cover:

  • Expectations of the Annual Plan
  • Your background and where you’ve come from
  • How to achieve the best results
  • Your objectives for the short and long term
  • What’s next once you’ve got a great plan

Two Masterclasses to Upgrade Your 2022

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The information and strategies in these courses combine beautifully to make you a force to be reckoned with. 

What will you do today that will move you closer to achieving your goals?

How about:

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