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Time to enhance your follow-up strategy.

The sale is in the follow-up. Since closing the sale on the first contact is highly unlikely, you need a plan that won’t just peak your prospect’s interest, but keep them engaged throughout the process. 

This course covers:

  • Example responses to common objections
  • How to prevent ghosting
  • Building your own follow-up process that you can actually pull off
  • How to handle prospect groups or teams
  • What to do when things are moving too slowly

...And more. This course is built with you in mind, and is highly interactive to tailor your individualized action plan.

Following up, made easy.

Rejection, disengagement, and ghosting; it happens to the best of us. But I believe you can transform these objections into opportunities. This course will guide you through the process that has brought me success, while also giving you the tools to build your own process.

Course Introduction

Section 1: Success is an Equation

Section 2: Why Prospects Fail to Engage

Section 3: Five Rules to Prevent Ghosting

Section 4: Building the Process

Section 5: Executing the Plan

Section 6: Dealing with Multiple People/Teams

Section 7: Overcoming Objections

Section 8: Acceleration Techniques

Section 9: Alternative Strategies When All Else Fails

Final Thoughts

"I love your techniques, and I am crazy happy that I took your course. Thank you, you may have saved my business."

-A Sales Hunter University Student