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Step-by Step Guide to Avoid Discounting

I want to help you build confidence in your price, and have the strategies to present your price (or price increase) and actually get it.

Buyers are (almost) always going to push back on price, but how we present ourselves, our value, and our outcomes can totally change the game. 

Course Introduction

Section 1: The 5 Truths of Price

Section 2: Pricing and Perception

Section 3: Value Equation

Section 4: Strategies for Success

Section 5: Confirmation of Facts, Assumptions, and Judgments

Section 6: Building Added Value Benefits

Section 7: Value Proposition

Section 8: Risk Factors

Section 9: ROI-Driven Presentations

Section 10: Using Profit Questions Effectively

Section 11: Rules of Pricing

Section 12: Responding to Common Pricing Issues

"How will I know when the price is right?"

This course answers this question, along with many others like: "When a customer rejects a price, what are they actually rejecting?"

You will be able see price from a variety of perspectives, but most importantly: from the customer's perspective.

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