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Effective Pipelines Produce Profit 

Deals don’t close themselves. They require a lot of work, and a human touch. That’s where you come in. This course will sharpen your skills for who to target, how to communicate with them, engaging follow-up, and making your offer. 

As bonus material, I’ve included several helpful checklists for before you call, for qualifying a prospect, and before you make your sales offer.  

Course Introduction

Section 1: The 5 Phases of the Prospecting Process

Section 2: Evaluating Your Current Pipeline

Section 3: What Are Your Core Strengths?

Section 4: Sales Communication

Section 5: Clients to Target

Section 6: The Next Step

Section 7: Opportunity Grid

Section 8: Time Management

Section 9: Pre-Call Checklist

Section 10: Prospect Qualification

Section 11: Sales Offer Analysis

Section 12: Your Daily Checklist

Bonus Section: The Size of Your Pipeline

It’s Time Your Pipeline Had a Checkup

I’m excited about the content of this course, and you should be too . We’ll cover:

  • the prospecting process, in detail, plus a current diagnostic evaluation of YOUR pipeline. (It’s time to get honest!)
  • analysis of your business and your customers
  • talking points for all kinds of conversations
  • objectives of the first call and every step that follows
  • my proven time management tips
  • your personal growth self-evaluation

...And more. And if you sign up before October 29th, you'll get access to an exclusive webinar I'm hosting on November 4th.

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"This class helped my team hone in on the kinds of industries that are most profitable for us. I can't wait to start implementing what I learned."

-A Sales Hunter University Student